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Fire & Smoke

design for new taste trends

Planet Organic

creating a brand new own label


from an anonymous corporate to a vibrant consumer brand


clearer communication


rebranding a foodservice stalwart


authenticity and freshness

Homepride Flour

celebrating a much-loved British heritage brand


giving a challenger brand confidence

Denny Gold Medal

reasserting an Irish icon


being truly authentic


launching a Scandinavian brand into the UK


branching out

Fig Rolls

branding the Original


once upon a time...

Works Image


reinvigorating a home baking favourite


exploiting localness


managing design for a merger


charity flying high with new identity


For nearly ten years we have been helping entrepreneurs launch new brands and businesses. In that time we have launched an average of one each year.

Unlike established brands, start-ups really do mean a blank sheet of paper. We help our clients interpret their market, work out a business strategy, define what makes their brand different, come up with a name as well as of course create the visual world for their brand that can work across all brand communications. And it doesn’t (and shouldn’t) end there. We see these as long-term partnerships to bring about growth and enduring success.

So it’s a close working relationship where we need to know everything.

If you have an idea for a new brand and you feel you need a partner to help bring it to life, then let’s have a chat.

what we do

branding for commercial success

Everything we do and create has one goal in mind: to achieve enduring growth for your brand. We are a brand design agency that works across the two core disciplines of packaging and corporate identity and communications.

Whether you are an established brand or a brand yet to be born, we work with you to gain a deep understanding of your products, consumers and ambitions. Together we can develop distinctive, relevant and meaningful ideas that will achieve long-term commercial success.

We have a few principles that guide both our strategic and creative approach to branding.

be distinctive

Align the brand and product benefits to unearth what's different.

stand out and be confident

Be single-minded and clear about what the branding needs to say.

be relevant

Don’t confuse and clutter. Stick to being consumer and customer relevant.

think about the future

What and where are the opportunities for your brand to offer more value and interest?

We work with all sorts of brands and businesses. Some looking to evolve to stay ahead; others looking to challenge the status quo. There are those that need a good dusting off to reinvigorate themselves and there are the entrepreneurs who want to do something new and exciting.


about us

WONDERLANDwpa has been trading since 1978, when Peter Walker founded the 'wpa' part, working on corporate identities and communications. Lawrence Barnett then added the 'WONDERLAND' part in 2006, bringing with him expertise in FMCG and retail branding.

The agency has a strong creative culture which is always supported by a deep understanding of businesses, products and ambitions. This guides the creativity of the design team, led by Nicola Clark. It’s a young, hungry team, eager to explore and produce exciting creative work.

From time to time, we like to partner some of our trusted colleagues where their expertise is needed. You might meet Giles Lenton, who leads our insight work, Richard Peel, who has expertise in corporate PR and Amy McLauchlan, who manages our social media work.

Based in central London, we're easy to reach and are always happy for you to pop in for a chat.

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We are in the heart of Old Street’s creative hub in London. Full of fantastic places to eat, socialise and imagine. Fancy a cup of coffee and a chat? We know a great little place…

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